The Truth about Common Staffing Agency Myths

  • Myth: There is a Cost to the Job Seekers
    Truth: A lot of people believe that staffing agencies take a portion of the salary offered to a candidate they recommend. The truth is that placement agencies bill their clients for their services separately, so your pay check remains intact, and you will get paid the same salary.

  • Myth: Recruiters Do Not Consider the Candidates Best Interests
    Truth: A common misconception that’s said a lot about agencies is that they don’t care about their assignment employees. This is not the case. We take the time to get to know every candidate that walks through our doors and discuss their needs and requirements before offering them roles. The more we know about you, the better we can place you in the right position. If we fail to find the right job for an applicant, it could affect our reputation, position in the market, and their future business.

  • Myth: There’s no Need to gothrough aStaffing Agency When You Can Apply Directly
    Truth: It is true that you could find a position with a company through a job board. However, recruiters have a connection with their clients and are aware of what they are looking for in a candidate. This allows them to have a more direct approach when presenting an individual with a position.

  • Myth: Hours Worked by Temp Agency Recruits Are Much Worse Than Regular Employees
    Truth: Your work schedule and hours depend on your position and the shift you are looking to work. This does not get affected whether you get the job through a staffing agency or not.

  • Myth: Staffing Agencies Only Offer Temporary Entry-Level Positions or Manual Labour Jobs
    Truth: Temp agencies can help find jobs for people in almost every industry and type of organization. They can help fill specialized jobs and place managerial, professional, and technical candidates with the right company in addition to providing entry-level admin jobs and manual labour positions. Staffing Agencies also offer a variety of employment categories including permanent placements and contracts, along with temp placements.