Safety and Prevention

Great Connections helps ensure that the workplace is a safe environment – for the companies we work with and the employees we place. For starters, all Great Connections employees are put through comprehensive health and safety training programs including our WHMIS program (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System), Forklift Orientation, Safe Lifting Training as well as In House Orientation as required, like GMP, SOP. Safety training and testing specific to your industry is also available as part of our service. We ensure that our employees are informed and knowledgeable about your workplace environment before they step onto the worksite. We work closely with the IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association), to keep up to date with current safety issues and to keep our employees informed about prevention.

All Great Connections employees are fully covered by WSIB. Training our employees to understand potential workplace hazards, and testing them to ensure they comply with current Ministry of Labour safety standards is part of our service.