Temporary Staffing

We provide the flexible, temporary help you need

We have the capabilities to fill your contingent or temporary staff positions with highly skilled and articulate candidates, on time and at competitive margins. We are well placed to source the best candidates in the market and our expertise ensures that we match their skills and experience with your temporary requirements effectively.

Great Connections provides 24/7 service and responds to client concerns within ten minutes at any time (including weekends and holidays). Our primary recruiter and Health & Safety coordinator can be reached any time by their mobile phones and by email even on weekends and holidays.

Whether you are looking for administrative personnel for one day, holiday cover, or support staff, our team will fill your requirement in the fastest possible time with the best possible candidate.

Through Great Connections, you can significantly reduce your labour expenses and save time. Our flexible and scalable staffing solutions help ensure that your labour expenses are tied to results. Here's How:

  • Turn your fixed cost into variable cost to manage your seasonal workforce fluctuation
  • Transfer ALL labour costs to Great Connections. We will cover:
    • WSIB premiums and claims
    • All payroll duties: CPP, EI, Vacation pay
    • Bookkeeping costs to cover payroll
    • Advertising costs
  • Reduce overtime costs, lost time due to employee illness and avoid employee turnover issues;
  • Save time by allowing our hiring experts to screen, interview and assess candidates.